Dear Visitor,

Thank you for visiting my website www.foto-design-hermann.de.

You will surely have seen that all other written content here is in German.

Therefore I give you here some information in English.

This website is about photography, my images and my services as a photographer. So I let mainly my photographs speak for me, and this is the same in every language. Please lean back and enjoy. You start to view my galleries best from the „Home“ page.

If you like my photography and want to buy one or more works from me in any form (print, canvas, dibond etc.), or you are interested in my service as a photographer, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.

I speak English fluently, and in case you want to book my service I’m able and will work where you ask me to do, as long as it’s not dangerous . On request I will gladly send you a price quote based on your information.And now I look forward to get in contact with you.

Here you see some examples – more to view in my galleries.

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