Streetwear mit Botschaft

Portrait & Beauty von LICHT & BILD Foto Design Winfried Hermann Röhrmoos, Dachau, München
Vor kurzem erhielt ich eine Nachricht von Peter Lundgren von T-POST® aus Ulmea, Schweden, mit dem Angebot, mir ein ganz besonderes T-Shirt zuzusenden.
Hier die Geschichte von T-POST® – in Englisch. Ich kann’s nicht besser erzählen:
T-post® is the world’s first wearable magazine, or a story driven clothing brand, whichever you prefer. Ether way, if you’re not a subscriber, you can’t get your hands on that gear.
To secure the exclusivity of T-post®, while doing high profile collaborations, T-POST® never allows more than 2 000 active T-post® subscribers at the same time.
T-post® was founded by Peter Lundgren back in 2004. The idea of T-post® came after a heated discussion about whether or not the classic magazine could be given a new life if combined with something completely different. It started out by giving the first garments to 5 subscribers (T-POST® staff). From there, the word began to spread and today T-POST® send their T-shirts to subscribers in over 50 countries.
Was für eine coole und kreative Idee!